-Remove the shield, retaining cap, nozzle, electrode, and swirl ring from the torch.

Torch consumables exploded view


-Insert the EasyScriber into the retaining cap and re-install the retaining cap to the torch. Do not over tighten the retaining cap.

-The use of a retaining cap shield is not required however if you wish to use a shield we suggest Hypertherm part# 220955 available at your local Hypertherm dealer.

EasyScriber installs in place of consumable items


EasyScriber is a universal product that can be used on any cnc plasma cutting table. Depending on the table brand and control software being used there are a few things to keep in mind for your scribing operations to be successful.

-Torch height control must be turned off. Many machines will automatically disable the THC when no plasma arc is present however you may need to turn yours off manually.

-If your machine requires an “ok to move” signal you will need to disable or override this feature.

-If you have “touch & retract” material sensing no changes are needed. If you have ohmic material sensing you could attach a wire to the EasyScriber body however we suggest simply re-setting your Z zero for the EasyScriber and entering the heights manually. Enter a working height that will partially compress the EasyScribers internal spring approx. .250"-.375" during the scribe process.

-It is not important but we suggest that you set your pierce delay time to zero when scribing to eliminate the delay at the beginning of each profile.

-Most machines will retract the torch to a specific height prior to moving to the next cutting/scribing location. Be sure to use this feature or you may find your scribe will drag and create a short “tail” mark at the end of every scribe operation.

-Plasma cutting requires an air gap between the tip and the material, scribing requires the tip to contact the material. You will need to set your control software so that the scribe tip is pushing on the material and partially compressing the EasyScribers internal spring. The more you compress the tip the more downward pressure is applied which will increase the depth and definition of the scribe markings.

-We suggest scribing speeds between 100-200ipm as a good starting point and depending on the accuracy and rigidity of your machine you may have to go slower to maintain definition in sharp direction changes. Slower scribing speeds will help to increase the depth and definition of the scribe markings.

SheetCam, PlasmaCam, and TrackerCNC users Click Here for suggested software settings.