SheetCam Users

  1. Open the first window shown above named Jet Tool by clicking Tools> New Jet Cutting Tool
  2. Enter the Jet Tool settings shown above in your window. You will select this Jet Tool when using your EasyScriber.
  3. Open the second window shown above named Job Options by clicking Options> Job Options
  4. Set the Rapid Clearance to 0.75 to force the scribe to rise off the material between scribe operations when using your EasyScriber.

PlasmaCam Users

  1. Open the Settings window and click on the Height Control tab. Enter the settings shown above in your Settings> Height Control tab then close the settings window.
  2. With the EasyScriber installed in your torch turn the cut control off and jog the torch height down until the EasyScriber tip is compressed 3/16"-1/4"
  3. Open Settings> Height Control tab again and click the Zero button located beside the Z shift (inch) entry box in the lower left corner.

Tracker CNC Users

  1. Click on Edit> Settings to open the settings window shown above
  2. Enter the settings highlighted in yellow when using your EasyScriber